Kittie Howard

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Welcome to Lido di Jesolo, Italy

Time stopped in Lido de Jesolo! Our clock became the moon over the Adriatic Sea. Three evenings ago, my husband said, "The moon's a little bigger tonight." We both knew a day had passed, but neither asked the other which day. Now we're both aware we're leaving a week from Sunday. Now, when we say good-bye to other tourists after breakfast, we know our day grows closer. Even though we're going on to France from here, we're going to be sad about leaving Jesolo. We always are. We haven't found another holiday spot situated between the beach/pool and a tree-lined town that's completely pedestrian in the evening. Shaded sun for hub and walks in the shade during the day for me. I'd like to share some photos from my morning's walk.

The Ambasciatori Palace hotel provides free bikes, for the whole day if one desires, a good thing. The bikes are retro, just brakes, no gears. Since the land is flat, everyone just peddles along. It's nice, very nice. In the evening, the main street above will be pedestrian only. People will fill the street, just walking and talking and eating ice cream . . . or stopping for a coffee or glass of wine or bottle of cold water at one of the many coffee bars or eateries.

One of the menus. The price is in euros. One euro is about $1.30. The price you see includes tax and tip.
Something for everyone - water, Prosecco, wine

Display in one of the clothing shops. Marilyn Monroe remains eternal.

One of the many pizzerias/restaurants. The crust is very thin, with just enough sauce to cover, fresh toppings you order, and a little cheese. Unlike Pizza Hut, which uses melted lard to first coat the crust, they only use extra virgin olive oil here. Apartments are above the restaurant.

The United States is a Fair Trade Partner . . .

. . . so our products are popularly sold here . . .

. . . but like everywhere else, cheap Chinese goods are a problem. These are 2 euro copies of  hand-blown Murano glass pendants that would sell for between 10 and 20 euros. Collected together, these don't look half-bad. But they don't catch the light and look really cheap when worn. On Murano, the island near Venice famous for its glass factories, the pendants are displayed hanging in windows so one can see how the light infuses the pendant. They're absolutely gorgeous. So that's why the copies are in boxes . . . and clipped to the box at the back so it's too complicated for the tourist to hold up.

Like for authentic Murano glass, there are Made in Italy signs for leather goods.

Hub loves this 'salad of the sea' -- but see those black balls that look like olives? Umm, they're not olives; they're snails, a special type of snail. And they're alive. And they crawl around in the bowl. So, okay, one can't like everything everywhere, so, umm, I'm taking my usual pass here.

An Italian take on the British saying, "Keep Calm and Carry on." This is my favorite photo from our morning's walk. Thanks for coming with me. It was lots of fun. Until later, lots of hugs, K.