Kittie Howard

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart to Heart

Hub and I have been walking around with little smiles on our faces. Our trip to Pinehurst, North Carolina, was as perfect as it gets on this earth. The sun brushed away that wintery cold and grey and stood tall in a gorgeous Carolina blue sky. Family members from Charlotte and Duke University brought  their special sunshine.

Pinehurst did the rest--oh, what a beautiful, historic place with a lineage going back to 1895. Even a non-golfer like me recognized the national and international golfing greats whose autographed photos lined corridors. And, as it turned out, Course Number 2 was the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) course the pros played in tournaments. In 2014, the Men's U. S. Open and the Women's U. S. Open will be at Pinehurst. Yep, Course Number 2 will be at center stage. This is the first time both tournaments will be at the same location.

(I drove the cart on Course Number 3, the one the pros warm up on prior to tournaments. But carts aren't permitted on Course Number 2, so hub and his nephew had a choice: carry their clubs and ponder over which one to use or enjoy the services of a caddy. They chose the latter and off they went, happy as could be.)

While others golfed, I found a comfy chair in a seating area near the verandah and opened my laptop, once again focused on un-doing the mess I'd made with my header. As it turned out, a personal assistant to a Baptist minister at Pinehurst for a golfing weekend took pity on me. Forty-five minutes later, he'd discovered the problem (I'd clicked something I shouldn't have) and, wheeee, my header returned. The photo above is one I took at Audubon House in St. Francisville, Louisiana. If you've ever stopped to listen to a bird chirp, you have a link to James Audubon. When spring gets a bit nearer, I'll post about him.

Then, more good news: Rachel Morgan (Morgan Media) made the candle flicker on the cover (which she'd also designed last year) for Remy Broussard's Christmas, on my sidebar. Wow! Isn't it great? I'm in total awe as to how Rachel does this stuff. But she makes the computer sing! She truly does. Thank you, Rachel, for hearting Remy!

So, on this Valentine's Day, there are so many hearts, but not because they beat only today, but because there are so many hearts that are good every day. Yes, there are problems in the world--always have been, always will be--but, in reality, there is more goodness in the world. We just need to pause now and then to hear the heartbeat.

(Photo source: Wikipedia)