Kittie Howard

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Southern Writers' Magazine

Southern Writers' Magazine e-mailed me last May. Someone on its staff had recommended me to submit a 500-word post to their blog. You could have knocked me over with a feather! For a regionally focused author like me, SWM is the cat's meow, plus a dollop of luscious cream.  Once I picked myself up off the floor, trust me, I hit the keyboard.

On July 19th, my post, Bayou Serenade, was on their blog, a really exciting moment. A big THANK YOU to everyone at Southern Writers Magazine for offering me this great opportunity.  You rock!

And a big THANK YOU to all of you for your "Hurricane Isaac" comments. As it turned out, my sister dodged a bullet -- water did a bit of damage to her house but nothing major. And she doesn't live in a hurricane-prone area. That was some rain!

Since that roller-coaster ride, my copyright certificate for "Rings of Trust" came in. Talk about firing up the inner coals! When hub wakes up in the morning, he finds me plopped on the sofa (feet on the coffee table), my head buried in my laptop, Diet Pepsi balanced on a nearby book. He's convinced that DP is going to tipple over.  Hmm. Maybe I need a bigger book.

Anyway, we're off to New York City in the a.m. for a friend's wedding. One part of me is excited, eager to share in Wende's happiness. Another part of me is downright selfish. *hangs head* I'll lose valuable edit time this weekend.

So, okay, I'm in a hole. No sense digging deeper. There's no choice but to take a couple of weeks off to get "Rings of Trust" ready for e-pubbing in October. This story involves the KuKluxKlan and how a black child's idealism triggers retribution. The topic is neither pretty nor best-selling hot. But I hear my drum beat and continue to march.

Lots of hugs and positive thoughts that your transition into the new season is a happy one, filled with smiles and warm fuzzies (and that the young ones are lovin' school).