Kittie Howard

Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Rings of Trust" Launches Today!

Today is the official launch of "Rings of Trust." Wheeee!

During the formatting process, I joined Publishers' Marketplace and had somewhat of a mini-launch. Blog hits skyrocketed.

Word spread. I sold some books, even got some five-star reviews. *blushes*

However, this remains an unconventional launch. (Previous posts!) I'd appreciate any help you can lend spreading the word. From the heart, thank you!

In "Rings of Trust," fear reigns along a sleepy bayou road in rural South Louisiana in 1953. The Civil Rights Movement has taken root in the consolidated South. Not everyone wants to return to the shadowed past the Ku Klux Klan espouses.

And so it is with David Broussard, a decorated U. S. Marine who's returned home from Iwo Jima to learn he's in combat with the Klan. David Broussard believes he fought for certain principles during World War II and digs in. What follows is a series of twists and turns that takes the reader into a South the tourist rarely, if ever, saw.

"Rings of Trust" is a novella with a hard edge and a redemptive heart. The ending will bring a smile to your face. No, the Klan's not obliterated. But the redemptive heart beats louder and stronger.

"Rings of Trust" is available on Amazon (Kindle Edition) and Smashwords. The word count is 32,080. The price is $2.99. Through January 15, royalties will go to the Wounded Warrior Foundation. Last year, we donated $500.00. "Remy Broussard's Christmas" (see sidebar) didn't sell quite that many books, so we added a bit. This year, we hope to donate more. It's a cause near and dear to my Marine husband's heart and mine.

Note: Rings of Trust contains profanity and violence (but not gory violence). Parental discretion is advised.