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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Fluffy Pillows and a Firm Ending

One of my quirks is fluffy, just-right pillows.  Whoever's watching from those hidden cameras in stores probably gets a good laugh when I go through my ritual of finding the right pillow.  Most of the time, though, I'd get the pillow home and would be disappointed the next morning.  You see, another quirk is two pillows beneath my head.  I'd never found the right pillow to cause me to return to the store to buy a second pillow.

Now, in a previous post, I blogged about the trip hub and I took (from Virginia) to New England. We ventured off the main arteries and spent a night in a simple but very pleasant bed and breakfast in Upstate New York.  When my head hit the pillow, the fluffy whoosh brought a smile.  In the morning, I inquired as to whether I could order this pillow.  I could.  Upon our return, I went on line.  Several days later, the pillow arrived (with free shipping and a discounted price).

I'd thought this pillow would stack beautifully with another pillow I had.  It didn't.  Since the free shipping and discounted price offers had expired, I decided to wait for another sale and another order.

But the Christmas holidays approached, I got busy, and forgot about the second pillow.  Upon our return from Louisiana, hub and I spent the night at a chain motel near a small town in northern Alabama.  It was a long-haul driving day, so we grabbed a bite to eat, and hit the rack.  In the morning, I inquired about the pillows.  Love had struck again.

I smiled from ear to ear when the clerk said there had been so many inquiries, they sold the pillows on site. At a very reasonable price.  I bought two.  The already packed car looked a bit fluffy when we drove away, but never mind, no one knew us.

We spent another night on the road, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and drove home the next day.  That night, hub smiled when I stacked the new pillow on top of the pillow from the trip to New England. Since hub likes a firm pillow Home Goods usually carries, he understands.

To my delight, the combination worked.

The other night, though, the day didn't slip into a contented sigh when my head hit the pillows, like it usually did.  I worried a bit.

You see, I'd read a post where the blogger had poured her heart and soul out: about the time and energy she'd put into each post, but received few comments; about how she'd left comments on other blogs but few had commented back; about how her optimism had faded and she'd found another venue that satisfied more than blogging.

She'd also turned off the comment box.

Quite honestly, I was floored. The gal has a super blog with a large following.

I've felt a bit unsettled since - probably 'guilty' is a better word.  I haven't left comments as I should.  True, I've caught every bug that's come my way since January and didn't always have the energy to zip around like I usually did.  And, to be very honest, when I did have the energy, life appeared (meals to cook, house to clean, errands to run, my WIP), but the point is, I could have done a better job of visiting around.  I know that.

Like my two fluffy pillows, blogging requires the two of us.  We have to fluff together to feel the oneness.  I can't fluff all the time, but I'm going to fluff more.


MimiTabby said...

loved your pillow story. I have a pillow fetish too. I confess that I have spent more on pillows than I have on clothing this past year. When I have house guests I can assure them; "There are new pillows on that bed!" and that's because they are my rejects!
and you mention comments. I have visited a lot of blogs that make it nigh impossible to comment. It's mostly blogger. If i type a paragraph and click on "publish" and it goes AWAY into the ether, sometimes I don't have the stomach to try again. Bloggers, have your friends check your comment stuff!

another aside about comments. If a blogger doesn't reach me personally, I'm just not going to comment. Too bad. I like what you write about though.

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

Carla White said...

Nice tie-together at the end. :)

Side note, I used to have issues with pillows too until I discovered the memory foam made of soy that I currently have. It was a shockingly expensive $99, but it is SO worth it to not wake up with a kink in my neck, a headache and an unrested me.

Magnolia Blues said...

I can truly relate to finding the most perfect fluffy pillow. I have an entire ritual devoted to the selection process. I’m sure I’ve given those in the store a good show but as I get older I’ve become set in my ways and care less how silly I look and more determined on finding that golden level of fluff. I once had the most comfy pillow and I left behind at a hotel when we were traveling. Halfway home I realized it wasn’t with me and nearly had a panic attack. I instantly became haunted with visions of hotel guests sleeping on it, HA!

I enjoyed reading your post today. I suppose we all use blogging for our own purposes. I’m sad to hear of the gal you wrote about. That must have been very disappointing for her. Sometimes I find that life calls for contentment in just entertaining yourself.


KarenG said...

Well, blogging isn't for everyone. And definitely not for people who get overly sensitive about how many comments they do or don't get. (I'm a pillow fanatic myself. I actually use 5 in various positions lined up and against each other.)

Maria McKenzie said...

Nice post:). I know I need to fluff more! BTW, curiosity has gotten the better of me re: ex- Father Collins! I have neighbors who know the one who lived on my street a lot better than I did. If he has any ties to Boston, I'll let you know;).

Mike said...

Hello Kittie, my name is Mike. I almost never get comments but it doesn't phase me. My main "audience" is my family and close friends and I see them anyway and we talk. I'm not blogging for friends I guess. It's for the fun of writing and getting ideas out of your head and onto something. At least for me anyway. I read several blogs and only comment when I have something to talk about. I don't understand why the person got so upset unless she was blogging for a lot of friends.

DeniseCovey_L_Aussie said...

Great post, Kittie.A girl's gotta have a comfy pillow, right? Trouble is, most are sold in plastic. You can't really tell what they're like until you sleep on one, thus the motel-style shopping spree. Too good.

But when things trouble us, it's very hard to sleep no matter how good the pillow. My heart went out to your blogger friend. Goes to show, you can do all the right things but sometimes there's just no payback. Also shows that having a large following doesn't help. Only a core of followers comment regularly.

I don't like it when people comment via email. Like most people, I like to see comments on my blog. For the amount of time invested, at times, it seems the return leaves us short. But overall, blogging is my first love when it comes to social networking. I have a core group (of which you are one) who regularly comment and convince me that at times I do have something worthwhile to say/read.

Here's to comfy pillows and good blogger friends and supporters.

Gee, did I just write a blog post?

(I hope you'll come by and read my hot little passionate Spanish flamenco story which I have up for RFWer.)

I wish I knew which blogger you're talking about. I'd love to check out her blog...


DeniseCovey_L_Aussie said...

I just saw someone complaining about the captcha codes which are popping up everywhere. They are so hard to read. If I don't get it right first time, I'm outta there. I have no Word Verification of any kind and blogger catches a few spammers but I'd rather have a nasty spammer once in a blue moon than ask people to fill out forms to show they're not robots! D.

Anonymous said...

Great pillow story, Kitty! I've done this with my daughter, trying to get the perfect for her. Fluffy does do for her, so now we're down to a piece of memory foam covered with a pillowcase. Whatever makes your boat float! (grin)

Double Captcha. Gasp. I just ran into this the other day. Took me three tries! I almost gave up. WHY don't Bloggers get rid of these completely?!

Denise's comment above re: email. I have some who email me every time I post on their blog. I want them to come into MINE. We ALL want this. We spend time on our posts. I thought this was an unspoken piece of "etiquette" - to reciprocate.

You have a life, Kitty. We all do. Don't worry about how well you're visiting others. You do what you can!!! That's where I'm at. At almost age 72 I'm getting weary, stressed big time because Tuesday I had to fire my daughter's aide and now I have to find another one (and there are stresses involving my other children). I decided today that I'm bowing out of A to Z. Can't do it. You can only do so much, Kitty. Don't feel guilty!!!
Ann Best, Memoir Author of In the Mirror & Imprisoned

walk2write said...

Cute analogy, Kittie. Thanks for fluffing my blog with your recent comment. I like how it stacks up with the other ones. Ahh! Very comfy indeed.

It is difficult to get around to the many wonderful blogs out there. I used to be way more dedicated to it. It's still a lot of fun for me, though, and I intend to keep it that way and not get stressed about the dwindling number of visitors, followers, or comments. Did I just say dwindling? Sheesh!

cherie said...

I tagged you in a meme! ;)

Laura said...

Lovely post - I go through uber fluff and fluffieness-close-to-concrete fases. and I always feel guilty about the latter. I should really find some medium middle ground that keeps the cricks out of my neck. :)
I hope the lady you mentioned is okay - I feel badly for her
Laura x

Justabeachkat said...

Thanks for your sweet comment today.

Loved visiting here.

Pillows are so important. I love's a side sleeper pillow.


Carole said...

Great post. And then there is the drama of staying in a hotel where the pillow is just not right. Great blog. I am from New Zealand and blog on books amongst other things. You might be interested in this post about a Marge Piercy poem Will enjoy following your blog.

Shallee said...

I've heard lots about this one, and it's on my list! Alex is a great guy. :)