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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Back into Gear - A Brighter Tomorrow

Life was a bit hectic for awhile.  (Courtesy of Photobucket)

But now that Remy Broussard's left home. . .  (Photo source unknown.)

No more of this stuff  - fav is Whopper, no mayo, no catsup, no cheese . . . as for fries, let's not go there *sighs* but back to the healthy stuff - most of the tine . . . (Photo courtesy of Photobucket)

And a bit of relaxation . . .  (if you want to think that's me, I don't mind) and getting organized for the holidays.  I'm always on the go and have a high metabolism, a good thing  or I'd look like . . . 

the Thanksgiving turkey . . . (Wikipedia)

After our national day of grace, hub and I are kicking into Christmas gear - going to New Orleans December 21st  ... (Montage courtesy of Wikipedia)

Friends are taking us to K-Paul's restaurant.   In 1979, Chef Paul Prudhomme, left, and his wife,  K, opened a small restaurant in New Orleans that rocked the culinary world.  (Executive Chef Miller is to the right.)  I'm soooo looking forward to this night.  Food is a major Big Deal in New Orleans.  Chefs are like rock stars.  Restaurants are rated by beans.  K-Paul's has so many beans, you could serve red beans and rice, a South Louisiana staple.  Yum!

We have tickets for Pat O'Brien's New Year's Eve party in the old Jackson Brewery - went last year, loved it!  After the ticket gets you inside (overlooking the Mississippi River), food islands await - I never made it past the gumbo - loooove that Creole goodie - and a waitperson brings your choice(s) of beverage - and the dancing goes on and on - a Louisiana party rocks like you wouldn't believe!  

And this is a dress-up party with lots of slinky dresses and bling and men in tuxedos.  Bet you're thinking 'old?'  HA! The average age is maybe 30. Age doesn't matter at a Louisiana party! Laissez les bons temps rouler!  (Let the good times roll!)

Now, see that cool looking drink above?  That's a Hurricane, a nice blend of sweet and thirst-quencher - a Hurricane can go down real easy - and explode in your head! (As I learned midway thru my second one during college days.)  So, I'll take a pass and take the souvenir glass home for a friend whose son is in college.  College kids collect the distinct Pat O'Brien's glass, a New Orleans trophy.

But - WHOA! Time out! - back to kicking into holiday gear!  Saturday, November 26th, is  Small Business Day throughout the United States.  October's statistics said the economy is turning around in many areas. Let's get out there and give our Mom and Pop stores a push. (Or order from an online Mom and Pop.  They need love, too!)  

Stay away from that (Boo! Hiss!) Made in China crap and buy some home-grown tomatoes. I'm going to a shop in my village that has the most gorgeous candles - made right up the road, in Maryland.  

If you've got the cash for a burger and fries, drop the calories and drop by a Mom and Pop instead.  American jobs depend upon Americans buying Made in the USA products.  Every candle purchased helps light the way toward a brighter tomorrow.

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